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Bringing the Tropics to New York

Syntropic Agriculture is an innovative design methodology and set of farming techniques that has quickly swept across the regenerative agriculture space. Ernst Gotsch popularized the practices over several decades, while Fazenda da Toca most recently catapulted it all into the mainstream with the film Life in Syntropy. Syntropic farming has taken hold in Brazil and the tropics, but today we ask: How can we apply these concepts to cold climates? 

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Reversing Climate Change Podcast: Propagate Ventures

Christophe was riding the subway in New York City when he overheard a conversation about reversing climate change through regenerative agriculture. Intrigued, he introduced himself to Harry and Ethan, two of the three co-founders of Propagate Ventures.

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Our Place in Regenerative Capitalism: A Review of John Fullerton's Regenerative Capitalism

The objectives and mechanics of capitalism are not set in stone, is it time to call into question the end goals of 20th-century capitalism? This discussion has to do with the evolution of how we use and move both financial capital and non-financial capital. The anthropocene is upon us; shouldn’t we now focus on increasing the overall well-being of society?

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