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Regeneration for Environmental funds in Latin America

Our environmental and deeply linked social crisis cannot wait for us to understand how crucially urgent it is to unite our resources for regeneration. We are used to having one pocket of money to make more money no matter how much it destroys the world (usually 95% of our total portfolio) and another tiny pocket (usually 5%) to “save” the world. What is the probability of us EVER making a REAL contribution of value to the world with this separation paradigm?

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A New Kind of Impact Investment Spectrum: The Holistic Spectrum for Impact

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the term “Impact Investment”. The Impact Investing sector has evolved in size and depth; in terminology and storytelling, the successes and the thought leadership. But fundamental debates are still on-going regarding the evolution of impact metrics & management, common values, definitions and more importantly if we are winning battles but losing the war.

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