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Fertile soil: The growing world of forest conservation finance

At its core, the vision is about maintaining the natural infrastructure that provides us with the critical goods and services we need in our communities. These include clean air and water, outdoor recreation, wood products and local food. Fortunately, we can choose to protect these assets and use Smart Growth principles to grow our economic base without sacrificing our farms and forests.

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Look out, banks: Sustainability funding gets creative

Nothing beats seeing a great idea turned into a business reality — especially when that dream realizes benefits for communities and the environment. But innovation requires risks that can signal red flags for mainstream banks.

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Landscape Green Bonds: An emerging new asset class?

Today, ‘Landscape Green Bonds’ are rare and make up just 3% of green bonds issued. In the next decade, this market could expand, offering exposure to a US$200bn a year business opportunity in climate-smart tropical agriculture, which is essential for meeting targets on emission reductions; two thirds of tropical deforestation is driven by the production of agricultural commodities.

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Finance that can save the forest

Agriculture is currently the main driver of forest loss in the tropics. If current farming patterns continue, the future looks increasingly bleak for tropical forests.

Incentives to save the forest: Financial instruments to drive sustainable land use is a new briefing from Global Canopy Programme.

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