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Regenerative Agriculture is Having a Moment and 70 Investments Worth $47.5bn are in it

A new report, cleverly called Soil Wealth, has come out detailing the level of investment in regenerative agriculture-related projects and the numbers are surprisingly high: there are some 70 investment strategies with assets under management of over $47.5 billion, and that’s just in the US.

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How Investing In Regenerative Agriculture Can Help Stem Climate Change Profitably

Investing in regenerative agriculture has the potential to address not only the food supply but also climate change, peace and conflict resolution and the water supply to boot. This impact investing strategy could be the biggest lever for creating positive change available to investors today. It also appears to generate healthy financial returns.

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Regeneration for Environmental funds in Latin America

Our environmental and deeply linked social crisis cannot wait for us to understand how crucially urgent it is to unite our resources for regeneration. We are used to having one pocket of money to make more money no matter how much it destroys the world (usually 95% of our total portfolio) and another tiny pocket (usually 5%) to “save” the world. What is the probability of us EVER making a REAL contribution of value to the world with this separation paradigm?

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Look out, banks: Sustainability funding gets creative

Nothing beats seeing a great idea turned into a business reality — especially when that dream realizes benefits for communities and the environment. But innovation requires risks that can signal red flags for mainstream banks.

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Landscape Green Bonds: An emerging new asset class?

Today, ‘Landscape Green Bonds’ are rare and make up just 3% of green bonds issued. In the next decade, this market could expand, offering exposure to a US$200bn a year business opportunity in climate-smart tropical agriculture, which is essential for meeting targets on emission reductions; two thirds of tropical deforestation is driven by the production of agricultural commodities.

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Finance that can save the forest

Agriculture is currently the main driver of forest loss in the tropics. If current farming patterns continue, the future looks increasingly bleak for tropical forests.

Incentives to save the forest: Financial instruments to drive sustainable land use is a new briefing from Global Canopy Programme.

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Meet the doughnut: the new economic model that could help end inequality

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so here’s the state of humanity in a single image. It’s the “Doughnut” of social and planetary boundaries and it could just turn out to be the compass we need for creating a safe and just 21st century.

The hole at the Doughnut’s centre reveals the proportion of people worldwide falling short on life’s essentials, such as food, water, healthcare and political freedom of expression – and a big part of humanity’s challenge is to get everyone out of that hole. At the same time, however, we cannot afford to be overshooting the Doughnut’s outer crust if we are to safeguard Earth’s life-giving systems, such as a stable climate, healthy oceans and a protective ozone layer, on which all our wellbeing fundamentally depends.

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