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Regenerative Agriculture is Having a Moment and 70 Investments Worth $47.5bn are in it

A new report, cleverly called Soil Wealth, has come out detailing the level of investment in regenerative agriculture-related projects and the numbers are surprisingly high: there are some 70 investment strategies with assets under management of over $47.5 billion, and that’s just in the US.

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A New Kind of Impact Investment Spectrum: The Holistic Spectrum for Impact

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the term “Impact Investment”. The Impact Investing sector has evolved in size and depth; in terminology and storytelling, the successes and the thought leadership. But fundamental debates are still on-going regarding the evolution of impact metrics & management, common values, definitions and more importantly if we are winning battles but losing the war.

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Aiming to Do Good, Not Just Well

If you want to invest in companies that are not just making a profit but are also doing good in the world (or, at least, doing no harm), you may find yourself overwhelmed by confusing choices. It’s like searching for new headphones or a restaurant in a strange city — too many options, too much information — but more stressful because the stakes are so much higher. The vocabulary of this kind of investing is arcane. It is known as environmental, social and governance (or E.S.G.) investing, or sometimes simply as “socially responsible investing.”

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