Invest In Local Food Systems to Set A Chain Reaction

Written by Anna Johansson

The fastest way to see a community thrive is by organizing local food systems that can produce and distribute healthy, organic food to the people.

The average American spends $151 per week on food, according to Gallup.

Most grocery store food is imported which means produce is picked before it ripens, and it’s difficult to enjoy. Because imported food is cheaper, local farmers can have a tough time setting competitive prices for their food.

But in a perfect world, if everyone bought locally, they could drop their prices and that $151 per person would go a lot further. Not to mention, it would keep the farmers in business and improve the local economy.

The chain reaction of local food systems

Ultimate sustainability within a local community does more than just maintain the replenishment of environmental resources. When local food systems are in place, sustainability extends to encompass the replenishment the community’s local economy, keeping food sales local, which significantly impacts the wellbeing of the community.

SOURCE: Triple Pundit