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Ford, General Motors, Hormel, Marriott, Michael Kors Step Up to Stop Supply Chain Corruption

The companies, Ford, General Motors, Hormel, Marriott and Michael Kors, told the ICCR that they would adopt “no-fees” recruitment policies, which advocacy groups for years have said are crucial in reducing problems such as bonded labor, the loss of identification documents such as passports and other labor rights violations.

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Supply Chain Transparency: Making the Consumer Connection for Forest Responsibility

We clear away trees to make room for development and agriculture, harvest them for paper, pulp, and palm oil and seek refuge in their remaining intact solitude. Human wellbeing depends on trees.

Forests suffer when opaque supply chains stretch across continents and oceans, isolating consumers, producers, and growers and hiding the shared stake each has in a stable resource. It is the challenge of globalization in a consumer-driven economy. So if healthy forests do so much for us, why do we continue to destroy them?

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