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Regenerating Supply at the Growing Edge of the Natural Products Industry

Regenerative Agriculture was, without a doubt, the star of the show at the 2018 Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California with a host of events exploring regeneration in business and supply and many brands making claims for, and commitments to, the integration of Regenerative Agriculture in their supply systems.

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Inside Mars, Inc.'s $1 billion pivot toward sustainability

 When Mars Inc. recently concluded a five-year effort to map and evaluate its supply chain, the company realized its very business would be in jeopardy if a few things didn’t change...Without improving supply chains, Mars won’t be a resilient company, won’t attract the best workers, and in some supply chains, they won’t have enough of the crops they need.

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Wrangler Wants to Increase the Supply of Sustainable U.S. Cotton

Wrangler plans to expand a pilot program to boost the supply of more responsible cotton in the U.S., the company announced during the Sustainable Brands conference in Detroit this week.

The program started with an Alabama cotton farmer last year, and Wrangler aims to expand the initiative to all American farmers within its supply chain.

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