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How Applegate is Developing its Regenerative Agriculture Platform

Applegate was founded with a mission to “Change The Meat We Eat.” Now, its launching a regenerative agriculture platform where all its products will come from animals raised on pasture. Through this platform, the company hopes to  build soil health, improve water quality and and increase biodiversity.

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Trending: Regenerative Sourcing, Circular Models Revamping Fashion

Two fashion giants with extensive brand portfolios announced partnerships that show promise for cleaning up “dirty fashion” as Kering and The Savory Institute team up for first verified regenerative sourcing In fashion.

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The business case for holistic management

Holistic Management is a framework, most commonly applied to grassland management, that when properly practiced has the potential to regenerate damaged land. It focuses on mimicking the evolutionary grazing patterns of cattle to regenerate soils and restore grasslands. 

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