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Inside Mars, Inc.'s $1 billion pivot toward sustainability

 When Mars Inc. recently concluded a five-year effort to map and evaluate its supply chain, the company realized its very business would be in jeopardy if a few things didn’t change...Without improving supply chains, Mars won’t be a resilient company, won’t attract the best workers, and in some supply chains, they won’t have enough of the crops they need.

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Timberland Helps Cotton Production Return to Haiti

Cotton production had largely disappeared from Haiti over the past three decades, but in recent years, a coalition of companies and non-profits has striven to bring the industry back to the impoverished nation. Last month, Timberland and the NGO Smallholders Farmers Alliance (SFA) announced they have reintroduced cotton as not only a way to help revitalize the economy, but to also claw back against ongoing deforestation that has contributed to the country’s stubborn poverty.

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