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EverGreen Agriculture: a solution for degraded landscapes

EverGreen Agriculture, a form of agroforestry, is an affordable solution that integrates trees with food crops and livestock to create more sustainable and productive agricultural systems for farming families big and small. Trees on farms have already transformed the lives of farmers in over twenty African countries by restoring exhausted soils. This translates to increased crop yields, more fodder for livestock, greater firewood supplies for household consumption, better resilience and increased income.

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Farmers Increase Profits Using Traditional Practices

Healthy food can only be produced in healthy soil; tragically, through years of use of synthetic, nitrogen-based fertilizers, farm land has lost a significant amount of soil microbial diversity and health. Moreover, organic carbon loss, driven in part by nitrogen fertilizers, has led to poor water infiltration, soil erosion, unhealthy plant root systems, poor yield and nutrient-poor plants. The solution lies in regenerative land management that can be practiced at home and on the farm, including little to no-till management, planting cover crops and plant rotation — all of which result in higher yield and reduced overhead costs

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Improving Africa’s soils to cut emissions and boost food security

How we manage soils is crucial to tackling climate change. Earth Overshoot Day aims to highlight the moment each year when our use of the planet’s resources tips into “overdraft”. The day helps to highlight why restoring landscapes, particularly soils, has benefits for food security, livelihoods and the climate.

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