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Biomimicry @ 20: A conversation with Janine Benyus

It's been two decades since the book "Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature," was published, in May 1997. And in the 20 years since, the author, Janine Benyus, has been spearheading a revolution in design thinking, getting companies, cities and others to look to nature and natural systems for answers to questions about how to harness nature's wisdom to create products, buildings, cities and other things that are nontoxic, closed-loop, regenerative and, as she puts it, "conducive to life."

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Plants Affect Climate, Too, By As Much As 30%

A Columbia Engineering study finds vegetation can influence climate and weather patterns by 30 percent.The study published Monday in Nature Geoscience is the first to look at the interaction between the biosphere and atmosphere using just observational data. The findings are being applied to development of a model showing how the interaction may change with the changing climate and determine what drives photosynthesis.

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