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Report Shows Agroforestry’s Contribution to Several SDGs

A report by member organizations of the Agroforestry Network provides evidence of how agroforestry can contribute to implementation of nine out of the 17 SDGs, with the strongest impact potential for poverty reduction (SDG 1) and hunger alleviation (SDG 2), as well as for climate action (SDG 13) and life on land (SDG 15).

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Climate Change Solutions: Bringing Forests to Center Stage

Forests are natural heroes of the climate change story. They soak up nearly a third of fossil fuel emissions, with the potential to absorb even more. But when cleared, they become as villainous as smokestacks, emitting carbon back into an increasingly polluted atmosphere. The paradoxical dual role of forests in the context of climate action has intrigued scientists and stumped policymakers for decades.

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