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Soil holds potential to slow global warming, Stanford researchers find

The land under our feet and the plant matter it contains could offset a significant amount of carbon emissions if managed properly. More research is needed to unlock soil’s potential to mitigate global warming, improve crop yields and increase resilience to extreme weather.

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A Cheap Fix for Climate Change? Pay People Not to Chop Down Trees

The tropical forests in western Uganda, home to a dwindling population of endangered chimpanzees, are disappearing at some of the fastest rates on Earth as local people chop down trees for charcoal and to clear space for subsistence farming. Now, a team of researchers has shown that there is a surprisingly cheap and easy way to slow the pace of deforestation in Uganda: Just pay landowners small sums not to cut down their trees.

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NYS Lawmaker Introduces Carbon Farming Tax Credit Bill

A New York state Assemblywoman has introduced legislation on carbon farming that she says is the first of its kind. The idea is to promote environmentally friendly farming practices while, at the same time, putting money back into the pockets of farmers.

Democrat Didi Barrett has sponsored a bill that creates a carbon farming tax credit. Barrett, who represents portions of Columbia and Dutchess Counties, says the plan will give farmers a new tax break while helping the state reach its climate change goals.

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Plants Affect Climate, Too, By As Much As 30%

A Columbia Engineering study finds vegetation can influence climate and weather patterns by 30 percent.The study published Monday in Nature Geoscience is the first to look at the interaction between the biosphere and atmosphere using just observational data. The findings are being applied to development of a model showing how the interaction may change with the changing climate and determine what drives photosynthesis.

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