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Technology is helping middle-class Nigerians turn to farming without getting their hands dirty

More than 80% of farmers in Nigeria are small holder farmers who cultivate a few acres of land to feed their family and also sell produce to earn a living. Yet, while the government has failed—getting middle-class Nigerians to take up farming—thanks to technology, a crop of new agro-tech startups are finding success.

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How agriculture can enrich ecosystems

Agriculture has a role to play in addressing many of the pressing challenges we face today, from climate mitigation and adaptation, to quality nutrition for a growing population, to sustainable livelihoods. When agriculture is purely extractive, it exacerbates all of these challenges.

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A farm shouldn’t be a factory

Most of today’s food is produced by industrial agriculture and that’s a problem.Industrialized agriculture essentially turns farms into a factories, requiring inputs like synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, large amounts of irrigation water, and fossil fuels to produce outputs like genetically modified crops (corn, soy, wheat) and livestock (meat, poultry, pork) by mechanized production means.

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NYS Lawmaker Introduces Carbon Farming Tax Credit Bill

A New York state Assemblywoman has introduced legislation on carbon farming that she says is the first of its kind. The idea is to promote environmentally friendly farming practices while, at the same time, putting money back into the pockets of farmers.

Democrat Didi Barrett has sponsored a bill that creates a carbon farming tax credit. Barrett, who represents portions of Columbia and Dutchess Counties, says the plan will give farmers a new tax break while helping the state reach its climate change goals.

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Treating Soil A Little Differently Could Help It Store A Huge Amount Of Carbon

Climate change is a massive problem with the potential to completely reshape the world, both literally (with rising sea levels and melting glaciers) and figuratively (with the way we grow food, or the way that we handle allergies). And while the consequences caused by climate change could be huge, the solutions — transitioning to a completely fossil fuel-free economy, or geoengineering — can often seem equally daunting.

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Data as Agriculture’s New Currency: Advancing to the Next Level

Government and private economists around the globe keep close tabs on estimates for the yields of internationally-traded crops such as corn, oats, soybean, rice and wheat. The US Department of Agriculture, for example, publishes monthly reports and forecasts that keep the markets up-to-date on the progress of these commodities throughout the season.

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