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Want to be a farmer? Soon, it may be easier to find farmland.

Young would-be farmers navigate an arduous process on quest to ownership. Across the nation, many credit-scarce, student debt-saddled young people have been locked out of land ownership, mirroring the hurdles to homeownership plaguing millennials in cities across the nation.

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NYS Lawmaker Introduces Carbon Farming Tax Credit Bill

A New York state Assemblywoman has introduced legislation on carbon farming that she says is the first of its kind. The idea is to promote environmentally friendly farming practices while, at the same time, putting money back into the pockets of farmers.

Democrat Didi Barrett has sponsored a bill that creates a carbon farming tax credit. Barrett, who represents portions of Columbia and Dutchess Counties, says the plan will give farmers a new tax break while helping the state reach its climate change goals.

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